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When I first started my business, I gave a print release and a USB of images to all my clients. I might as well have written “Good Luck! You’ll need it!” on the print release and sent them on their merry way. It wasn’t until recently that I decided it was time to start advising my clients to print through me. I had just done a family shoot for my girlfriend, who had ended up in the hospital soon after for a minor surgery. It was very sudden and I wanted to surprise her with a 5x7 print as she hadn’t seen her edited session yet. I thought, “Hey. I will just go to Walgreen’s- it’s immediate, and it can’t be that bad, right?” WRONG! So wrong! The quality was so bad I almost didn’t even give it to her. When I did, I was so embarrassed and just prayed she would never hang it in her house. It looked terrible- everything was way oversaturated; everyone’s skin was way too red, and they looked sunburned. After that incident, I knew I would never advise my clients to print through whomever they wanted.

I know as a client that you invest loads of time, energy and money into your wedding photographs, and it is super important to print them after your wedding. I include a prints in every package because that is where they belong- not on your computer. Technology changes, JPGS might not be printable after 10 years. Prints will always be there to show your grandchildren.

Here are a couple of reasons why printing through me is super helpful:
-I retouch everything that goes to print- so any flyaways, blemishes, etc get removed before it gets sent to the printer!
-It gets delivered RIGHT to your house, and if necessary I can rush it! No need to go run an errand; just shoot me an email!
-I keep my print prices as low as possible because I believe that printing your photos is so important.

If it is an emergency, the ONLY other lab I would recommend would be mpix- that is who I started with when I went full-time and they are the most highly rated of all the online labs. But just as a disclaimer, I stopped using them because their color calibration was off.

Happy printing, and please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or information on products available!