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Stylist, Planner, Coordinator


A wedding stylist will help bring your vision together for the big day. As a bride, it can be extremely overwhelming with so many options for your wedding, and between pinterest, google, and all the many wedding blogs you have probably scoured, sometimes it feels as if you don’t know where to begin to achieve your vision, or you have so many visions you can’t possibly make it all cohesive on your own. What if your flowers don’t turn out how you are picturing them, or what if the table isn’t set up like you have it planned in your mind? If you are overwhelmed with the thought of creating a consistent, concrete vision that you and your guests will appreciate for years to come, this is the person to hire! They will work with you to create a mood board, give you vendor recommendations and bring together the best people in the industry to create the perfect look. Then they will be there on the day-of to make sure your vision comes to life. We as photographers also LOVE to work with stylists because they help us set up details, make sure your hair, makeup and dress is perfect during photos, and make sure the day is streamlined, so we can make sure to capture every detail you worked so long and hard on! My favorite stylists are Lindsey Zamora, Stefanie Miles, Jessica Sloane, and Ginny Au. 


Wedding planners generally handle logistics and the overall vision for a wedding. They help you out anywhere from years ahead of your wedding to a month before and help you put together a team of vendors to create the type of wedding you have dreamed of. Planners also help manage all the logistics of the day or weekend so you can relax and enjoy everything without having to worry about setting your schedule, making sure your vendors show up, making sure you and your bridesmaids have food before the wedding ceremony, etc. They are a perfect combination of a coordinator and a stylist and are amazing at helping you prioritize where you want your budget, just because there are so many options! They go with you to venues (if you hire them early enough), help you determine the perfect vendors to help achieve your perfect wedding day, and are there on the big day (usually with a couple of assistants) to ensure everything goes smoothly. They can also help with the rehearsal dinner and all the other events that go along with weddings. I have worked with planners all over the nation, so please do not hesitate to email me for referrals if you need some!


Coordinators are usually the least involved in the trifecta. They can often come in a package with a venue or church, and are sometimes site-specific and are familiar only with their own venues rules and restrictions. Coordinators are generally not involved in the overall look and feel of your wedding day and weekend. They are almost always purely logistics based, but are definitely helpful in making the day runs smoothly and that the pressure is on them and not on you! Most coordinators work from a month-out to day-of, and there are definitely coordinators available outside of your ceremony or reception locations.