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What to Wear to Your Engagement

What To Wear: Engagement

Click the photo below to see a pinterest board of clothing ideas and recommendations!

I recommend neutrals rather than poppy colors (like creams, taupes, muted hues, etc). I think they photograph better and are less distracting. For guys, I REALLY recommend not wearing anything with any kind of brand on it- even if it's a baby Polo label! I don't recommend polo shirts unless, again they're super muted. Think J.Crew for guys- clean, timeless, but fitted clothes. If you want to get fancier, rag + bone is a great idea. The advice I can give is to bring 5-7 full outfits per person and I will help you narrow it down! The main thing is for your clothing to be fitted well, good with your natural coloring and not super "trendy" so it doesn't look dated in like a year.